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This all-day dining restaurant uses fresh, high-quality spring water from Miyama-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, and “UCHU NO YOAKE,” cage-free eggs raised on our own formula.


  • 平飼いたまごの朝定食

    Morning Plate Of Cage-free Eggs

  • 湯葉たま丼

    Yuba Egg Bowl

  • シュイロ八寸御前

    SHUIRO Hassun Meal

  • 平飼いたまごのオムレツ&

    Omelette With Cage-free Eggs And Deli Plate

  • 自家製ポークハムと

    Homemade Pork Ham And Sandwich Plate Of Pickled Sliced Radishes

  • 出汁オムレツサンドイッチ

    Dashi Omelette Sandwich Plate

  • 平飼いたまごのクロワッサン

    Croissant Sandwich Plate With Cage-free Eggs

  • クロックマダムプレート

    Croque-madame Plate

  • 半熟スコッチエッグ

    Half-boiled Scotch Egg

  • オムナポリタン

    Omelette Neapolitan

  • シュイロ八寸御前

    SHUIRO Hassun Meal

  • ステーク・アッシェ

    Steak Haché

  • 牛たま丼
    京野菜サラダ 小鉢付き

    Beef And Egg Bowl With Kyoto Vegetable Salad/Kobachi

  • 湯葉たま丼
    京野菜サラダ 小鉢付き

    Yuba Egg Bowl With Kyoto Vegetable Salad/Kobachi

  • 京出汁カルボナーラ
    京野菜サラダ 小鉢付き

    Kyoto Dashi Soup Carbonara With Kyoto Vegetable Salad

  • シュイロ フレンチトースト

    SHUIRO French Toast

  • シュイロ濃厚プリン

    SHUIRO Thick Pudding

  • ハハドリの自家製ハムと

    Mother Hen’s Homemade Ham And Seasonal Pickles

  • 季節の蒸し京野菜

    Seasonal Steamed Kyoto Vegetables With Two Sauces

  • シャルキュトリーの盛り合わせ

    Charcuterie Platter

  • ステーク・アッシェ

    Steak Haché

  • オムナポリタン

    Omelette Neapolitan

  • 本日の肉料理

    Today’s Meat Dish

  • ハハドリのセセリと季節野菜の
    ガーリックソテー レモン風味

    Sautéed Mother Hen Neck Meat And Seasonal Vegetables With Garlic And Lemon

  • 京出汁カルボナーラ

    Kyoto Dashi Soup Carbonara

  • 本日の魚料理

    Today’s Fish Dish



A collaboration with chefs and cookery researchers who share SHUIRO’s vision and passion.
Please enjoy a special time that you can only have here.

鳥羽 周作

President of sio Corporation / SHIZURU Corporation. After working as a J-League trainee and an elementary school teacher, he entered the culinary world at the age of 31. Opened “sio” in 2018. The restaurant has received one star for four consecutive years from the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2020. He currently operates 8 restaurants: “sio”, “Hotel’s”, “o/sio”, “o/sioFUKUOKA”, “Parlor Ohashi”, “Kitsune”, “The New World”, and “OISHII Pasta”. The motto is “Increase the denominator of happiness.

Omelette Neapolitan

Everyone loves the royal Neapolitan with a scrambled omelette of flat eggs on top. The Neapolitan is made with sausage made from ”UCHU NO YOAKE” mother hen.

Kyoto Dashi Soup Carbonara

You can enjoy the gentle taste of cage-free eggs. It can be served as it is, or topped with a generous amount of hana-katsuo (dried bonito), black shichimi (Gion Hararyokaku), or dashi soy sauce (Matsuno soy sauce), as you like.

大原 千鶴

Born as the second daughter of “Miyamasou”, a ryokan in Hanabusa, Kyoto. From a young age, she developed her knowledge of Japanese cuisine and sense of beauty while being familiar with nature in the satoyama. As the mother of two sons and a daughter, she has developed a reputation for her homely and beautiful cooking. She has appeared in magazines and on TV, given cooking classes, written essays, and supervised cooking for TV commercials and dramas. Recent publications include “Chizuru Ohara no Itsukushi Ryouricho” (Ohara Chizuru’s Itsukushi Ryouricho) published by Sekaibunka-sha, and many others.

Yuba Egg Bowl

A bowl of rice topped with a cage-free eggs, yuba (tofu skin) from “Kyoto Miyama Yuba Yu-mame,” which is made from soybeans grown in Miyama, Kyoto, and a dashi broth. With ginger on the side, this dish will warm you up from the inside out.

Beef And Egg Bowl

In fact, beef is a favorite of Kyoto natives, and the city is home to many long-established sukiyaki restaurants. The beef bowl of rice with a bowl of rice topped with a thick, half-boiled egg tempura is served over sweet and spicy sukiyaki-style beef. Please try it together.


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Monday *If Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday will be closed.

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46 seats

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Seating reservations can only be made by phone.


〒605-0031 京都市東山区定法寺町368-1


386-1 Johojicho Higashiyama-ku,
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 605-0031 Japan

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